Sup? I'm Joshua.

But you can call me whatever makes ya happy!

I’m a laid back, no frills kinda guy. Born and raised in Detroit, frills weren’t that common to begin with. I grew up around mechanics, machinists and craftsman. Motorcycles and fast cars. Oil and gasoline. I have an undying affection for the smell of cutting oil, acetylene and a 2-stroke dirt bike. Most would say that's a typical Motorcity upbringing. 

In 2008 I officially started my career as a professional photographer and retoucher. I've worked in numerous studios, learning the business aspects, and took jobs with a number of different kinds of photography productions until I really found what I loved doing most. 

Today I specialize in advertising, music and editorial style photography and portraiture. I've been lucky enough to travel the world capturing unique commercial productions as well as portraits and performances of some of the worlds biggest electronic musicians.

The spirit gained from watching and learning the precision, hard work and expertise these people would bring into their trades, is the spirit I strive to carry into my own trade. Aside from taking photographs, motorcycles, tattoos and a good time are my priorities.