Meet Joshua

At this point in his life he's known for two things above all. His beard and his photographs. The beard is, well, self-explanatory. How he came to be a professional photographer is anything but.

Detroit City, born and raised is how this story starts. Joshua was lucky in the brains department. With strong conceptual and cognitive abilities from a young age, he suffered from extreme academic boredom. School was too easy. Finding answers was too easy. Submergence into the visual arts was his outlet. No right or wrong answer to any question. Simply opinion.

This submergence transformed into a passion in high school. Joshua's studies focused mainly animation and graphics. As he honed those skills, he discovered the joy in creating his own environments and content with the use of photographs.

He attended college at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, studying motion graphics. After a brief stint in that field, he realized his true place was conversing with other creatives and expressing his ideas and compositions though a lens. 

In 2008 Joshua officially started his career as a professional photographer and retoucher. He worked in numerous studios, learning the business aspects, and took jobs with a number of different kinds of photography productions until he really found what he loved doing most. 

Today Joshua specializes in advertising, music and editorial style photography and portraiture. He's been lucky enough to travel the world capturing unique commercial productions as well as portraits and performances of some of the worlds biggest electronic musicians.